Desire to Obey

“Give me the desire to obey your laws rather than to get rich.”-Psalm 119:36

            Today I woke up, got my pen, bible, journal and had spent time with the Lord – my devotion. As I meditate His word in Psalm 119, I’ve observed that whether God gave us the desire to be rich or not, we will still have the desire to be or at least I’ll still have that desire to be rich. Reality check. That’s our nature. I don’t know someone who doesn’t dream to be rich, I believe, everyone desires to have a progress in life especially in their financial status, for some reason, that’s another story to tell. Whether you like to be rich or not, I still assume you like it. But how about obeying the law of the Lord? The Lord don’t wants us to obey just because He force us to obey. God isn’t like that. He loves us that’s why He gave us the free will to choose and to do what we want. But you know what, God really wants us to be willing and to have that desire to obey Him. It’ll surely makes Him happy. Continue reading