Craving for a sweet cotton candy but I end up staring at that heavy cloud. LOL. 😀 Well, this made me realized that there’s a lot of things that we cannot have today and we cannot find yet. So just take time to look up in the sky and remember that there’s Someone up there who’s able to give you more than what you want, greater than what you need, or whatever you’re looking for.. as long as you’re willing to follow Him, you’ll surely get it at His perfect timing.

              It’s just a matter of F-A-I-T-H and      P-A-T-I-EN-T. Having that confidence for the things you hope for and at the same time, practicing your patient while waiting for it. 🙂


               I really want cotton candy! =)


Talking about Love

     When you are in doubt, when you are so confuse, when you are still wondering, and when it seems finding the right question is really hard to find… Just go on to the word of God and take a look on 1 Corinthians 13:4. Love is patient, nothing more, nothing else, period.

     Don’t find for true love, wait for it. Wait for the right time, for the right person and while waiting prepare to be the right one. Wait for God’s perfect time. Stay in love with God. ♥

FAILURE: The reason behind it

     Just because you failed, It’s doesn’t mean you already need to stop and give up everything. Failure isn’t a sign of the end but just a challenge to overcome. It’s not an evidence that you’re not good enough but actually a proof that something better will come. When you failed, it doesn’t mean that God didn’t answer your prayer. He already answered you.. just wait for His perfect time. It’s not yet your turn. It’s still commercial break, It’s not yet your show, God isn’t yet done with your story. Just be patient and see how God will show you the favor you’ll never imagine. It’s not unfair, Hindi ka nagkulang sa Faith and lastly, You’re not failed at all. Just stand firm. Be still and hold on to God’s promise. Maybe, sometimes, It’s hard and difficult but with God, Nothing is impossible! 🙂