P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!

      My mother’s name is Rebecca but everyone used to call her Vicky. Well, I’ve used to call her Mama. LOL. She’s turning 48 this coming July 1, 2015. She’s a jolly mom of tres marias, a young grandma of two and of course a loving housewife to her husband(Papa). She’s fun to be with yet emotional. Easy to laugh yet easy to cry. Easy to receive yet much more easy to give. That’s how unique she is, the one who is able to sacrifice all what she have just for her loved ones, just for us.
     She’s my Buddy, my first ever Best friend! She became my best friend since grade school, my personal assistant until high school. My loyal supporter up until college. I can still remember those days that she really wake up so early just to prepare my breakfast, she would boil water so that I can take a bath with warm water, and she’s very patient to wake me up for so many times until I found myself sitting on a chair and everything’s already prepared. She still even helps me to wear my school uniform even though I’m already able to do it alone; I used to be dependent on her.

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