Roses are red, violets are blue. February has come, and Valentine’s day is due.

   It’s FEB-IBIG!!! ❤ Happy Love Month everyone! Hope you had a great heart’s day last Tuesday, February Fourteen Twenty Seventeen. Honestly, I spent my valentine’s day with work. Hashtag Date-with-Work. Hehe. Kidding aside, I actually celebrate it the day or rather the night after, with my Spiritual Mom and sisters in Christ. We had a simple but fun-filled dinner date at a pizza parlor store along Retiro, Manila. Kwentuhan, Kainan, Tawanan plus mentoring time. We even did extend and cross over to the nearest coffee shop to extend our time together. Anyway, more than sharing ‘My Day’ last week, I am more eager to share a phrase that strike me to apply in my life intentionally —- Spread Love. Sometimes, because of over-familiarity with this phrase, it just becomes a cliche or just a simple expression especially when we send greetings of love to others. As I received text and read a post on social media with this phrase, I reflect and asked, does people really spread love  intentionally? Do I really mean spreading love to others? Continue reading