A Winning Moment Speech

Happy Monthsary! Happy one month graduate to me. ūüôā

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†It’s been a month since the day I’ve come up to the stage at Philippine Convention Center last April 25, 2015 to get my ¬† College diploma ‘kuno’. Woooh. Can you just please congratulate me for awhile? LOL. Well, attending commencement exercise¬†is really one of the great event that I will never forget. Chos. Well, what I love about this event moreover than the giving of diplomas is the¬†commencement¬†speech or should I say the Valedictory address or whatever you called that speech.¬†That speech is indeed, an inspiring speech. I just imagine, what if I was¬†given the chance to stand there at the stage in front of many people? In front of those people with different status and¬†with different perspective in life? What kind of inspirational speech would they’ll hear from me? What if, let’s just pretend that there is a raffle draw for that speech, and I imagined I won that draw lots. What would be my speech? Because I am¬†the one who first imagined that, I, of course already prepared for that winning moment. LOL again. So here’s what I prepare… Continue reading