Never Lose Hope

“When hope is crushed, the heart is crushed. But a wish come true fills you with joy”

-Proverbs 13:12

           Don’t let your hope crushed as well as your heart, because God has promised us that when our wishes and dreams became true, we will be surely be filled with joy (great happiness). Yet, again, your wish and dream will only came true if you continue to hope for. Believe in your dream, Believe you can achieve it. Believe that God will help you to make your dream comes true.

never lose hope


Just because you didn’t get what you want, doesn’t mean you will never get it at all. Keep the faith dear. Practice your patient. God’s plans are always ahead of you. NEVER-LOSE-HOPE.

Photo (c) Luke 18:1


No More ‘Sarah Moment’

      Just imagine. I’ll give you the scenario.

      Imagine yourself standing at the entrance of a house with your partner in life (wife/husband). Regardless if you’re in a relationship or you’re still single or will still be single forever. Just imagine you’re already married, both you and your partner are too old, as in with grey hair and deep wrinkle lines that couldn’t be hidden even if you use BB cream with SPF50 (just kidding). Again, imagine right at this moment you are at your house and then suddenly a visitor came, and tell you (the husband) that your wife will be pregnant, soon… Continue reading