Friday the 13TH

     Today is Friday, June 13, 2014. Are you aware that today is the so-called unlucky day? Number 13 is considered as unlucky number and Friday as unlucky day which really made the Friday the 13th unlucky day, for some reason, I really don’t know and yet this is one of the superstitions that many people still believe. Does it make sense? I’m not writing this to tell you the history about this superstition nor to scare you what may happen if you do ‘this’ and ‘those’ stuff but rather let me share you my own perspective about today, Friday the 13th.

     I believe in bad luck, but that’s when I was a child. I used to believe that bad circumstances happen based on superstition and whether you make some move or not, you can’t escape from bad luck when Friday the 13th came, ’cause every bad things are already settled on that day. Oh well, thanks God I’d escaped from that belief. I’ve realized that everything happens for a reason, whether it’s good or bad, it really happens according to God’s plan. When you do good thing and gain reward, it’s normal but when you do good thing and gain nothing but the so-called bad thing, that’s the time we think we’re unlucky. Sometimes, that’s the real problem why we keep believing those superstition ’cause we keep focusing on bad side without even realizing that maybe that’s ‘bad thing’ is just an instrument to test how strong and firm we are. Those stuff is just God’s way to determine whether we have trust in Him or we are just relying on those luck and unlucky beliefs. Continue reading