A Winning Moment Speech

Happy Monthsary! Happy one month graduate to me. 🙂

             It’s been a month since the day I’ve come up to the stage at Philippine Convention Center last April 25, 2015 to get my   College diploma ‘kuno’. Woooh. Can you just please congratulate me for awhile? LOL. Well, attending commencement exercise is really one of the great event that I will never forget. Chos. Well, what I love about this event moreover than the giving of diplomas is the commencement speech or should I say the Valedictory address or whatever you called that speech. That speech is indeed, an inspiring speech. I just imagine, what if I was given the chance to stand there at the stage in front of many people? In front of those people with different status and with different perspective in life? What kind of inspirational speech would they’ll hear from me? What if, let’s just pretend that there is a raffle draw for that speech, and I imagined I won that draw lots. What would be my speech? Because I am the one who first imagined that, I, of course already prepared for that winning moment. LOL again. So here’s what I prepare…

           “Hello ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant day to all. To begin with my speech, I would like to send my greetings to each and everyone of us. First, I would like to congratulate my fellow graduates for finally reaching the end of our college journey, job well done to each and everyone of us. It’s good to say goodbye to our sleepless nights for a while, thank you to some ‘out of the world’ exams that we’ve taken, congratulations to us, for our time has now come to lead us for a brand new beginning, and I do hope that wherever road that ‘new beginning’ may we don’t forget those people who became part of our journey during our college days, a big wave for our friends out there. Second, Congratulations to all the parents/guardians who didn’t stop supporting their children in terms of financial, moral and even in spiritual aspect. You’ll really deserve a round of applause and even a big round of yummy pizza for not giving up on us especially when we’re almost about to give up. Thank you for all the sacrifices and efforts, for without it we’re not be able to conquer and finish our battle in college. We dedicate our diplomas to all of you. Two thumbs up to our loving parents and guardians!!! Third, of course to all the faculty, to our beloved and dedicated professor who didn’t stop pushing us to be excellent thru teaching and sharing their knowledge to us. Thank you Mam and Sir for giving us an endless quizzes and death-dealing exams in accounting. That way we’ve learned to persevere and we’ve earned so much eyebag at the very young age. Thank you for imparting your passion unto us and for inspiring us with your own stories as well. You’re all part of what we’ve become today and will always be part of our upcoming success. We’ll never forget such patient and grace that you’ve invested for us. Second to the last, to our controversial alma mater, thank you for standing still despite of closure issue that we’d face. Thank you for being our second home and wishing for long lasting existence. To be honest, PSBA-QC (my alma mater) isn’t my ideal school yet as I look back I’ve come to realized that this is God’s ideal place for me. I’ll never forget this place where I didn’t just learned academically but I’ve gained so much life lessons that I know will guide me for the rest of my life. This is where I found true friends that I never imagine I can have. Indeed, a family that will forever stay in my heart, special mention to my Team OSA. A big hug and kisses to all.

             Lastly, I would like to congratulate myself for winning the draw lots of speech address. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of all you, I thank God for having the privilege that only honor student can have – to give an inspirational speech. Well I do hope that even I don’t deserve this place and even if some won’t agree to what will I’m going to say, still, I’m sincerely hoping that my speech may serve as an inspiration too and will leave at least a little mark on your heart after this graduation. Now let me start with quoting one of my fave verse in the bible,“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. Someone might stop me and tell me, “Ayen, you’re not about to preach a sermon, why are you telling us a bible verse, you better go back to your seat..” Ohhh chill, seat back and enjoy. This is my moment so please allow me to enjoy this. Chos.

College life is like a FIGHT. It is actually looks like a battle field, to be able to win the battle, you must fight or else you will lose it anyway. In my four years of fighting, I can’t say that it always goes well. We all know or at least we have the idea that taking up the accountancy course is hard as if you are really going through the needle. Even in the non-BSA course, It really takes a lot of efforts, patience and perseverance. As an accountancy student, you really need to fight. You have so many things to fight more than homework, quizzes and exams, you need to fight against laziness especially when you have so many things need to be done, fight against drowsiness every time you really need to review for upcoming exams, and most importantly you need to fight against yourself  especially when you are facing different kinds of temptation. Well, cheer up because as we stand today, that’s a proof that we won that battle, you have fought the good fight my friend.

I can also compare College as a RACE. We do not study for nothing, likewise, we do not run for nothing. We run because we have our goals, and to achieve those goals only means to finish the race. As we ran our race as a student, i know the road is not always smooth, there’s so much bumpy roads and humps, lots of distraction and danger zone and even friend-zone (just kidding) but despite of those cons, what still matters is not about how you have started and how you ended it but about how you’ve enjoyed the race. God gave us the choice to run alone, but He don’t really wants us to run alone that’s why He sent a friend and even a bunch of friends that will join you in running the race. I do hope that as we end our race here, you are able to tell yourself that you’ve fought the good fight and at the same time you’ve enjoyed running the race that helped you to finish it. Lastly…

College demands FAITH. At last I can finally say that College isn’t only about studying academics nor participating in any extra curricular activities. It’s not only about preparing to be excellent for our future career but rather a great time to build your true self character. Personally, this is the best time yet God showed me how powerful He is, because truly, if you are weak, it’s really impossible to win the battle, it’s impossible to finish the race because you… are… weak. The possibilities to be tired and to stop is probably high.That’s why I really thank the LORD for sustaining me throughout those four years. Indeed, He is my strength and my refuge. He’s the reason why I, indeed, was able to do all things. Above all else, It is because of God why I’ve fought the good fight, why I’ve finished the race. It is because despite of different struggles in life, still, I’ve kept the faith.

           My fellow graduates, we’ve already reach the end, we are now crossing the finish line and let us be reminded that wherever the finish line there’s also the starting line. Therefore, we know that as we end here, we are also about to begin a new chapter in our life. I’m pretty sure the battle field are much more wider and fights are surely much tougher. The next race maybe longer and take a thousand miles to finish it but no matter how hard and long it is my friend, may you choose to keep your faith. That no matter how many times you will fall, may you always choose to stand. Stand firm in the LORD. And now, since we are now saying goodbye to our school days, let me just end by rephrasing my favorite quotation that I’ve mention earlier, It goes like this,“I have fought difficult exams, I have finished my studies, I have kept my faith.” Congratulations my fellow graduates, Cheers to us! To God be the glory, always!”



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