Desire to Obey

“Give me the desire to obey your laws rather than to get rich.”-Psalm 119:36

            Today I woke up, got my pen, bible, journal and had spent time with the Lord – my devotion. As I meditate His word in Psalm 119, I’ve observed that whether God gave us the desire to be rich or not, we will still have the desire to be or at least I’ll still have that desire to be rich. Reality check. That’s our nature. I don’t know someone who doesn’t dream to be rich, I believe, everyone desires to have a progress in life especially in their financial status, for some reason, that’s another story to tell. Whether you like to be rich or not, I still assume you like it. But how about obeying the law of the Lord? The Lord don’t wants us to obey just because He force us to obey. God isn’t like that. He loves us that’s why He gave us the free will to choose and to do what we want. But you know what, God really wants us to be willing and to have that desire to obey Him. It’ll surely makes Him happy.

         If you’re still under the authority of your parents, I would like to ask you, when was the last time you do your household choir without debating or having some argument with your parents? Or in case you are still a student, when was the last time you do your homework/assignment on time, without cramming and hopefully without cheating? And if you’re already working person/employee, when was the last time you do your job well without the sermon of your boss and without having overtime? When was the last time you do things not only because you are required, but because you have that desire to do it? Same thing with the law of the Lord. When was the last time we obey God not only because He say so but rather because of our desire to follow Him? When was the last time you remember that it was your obedience out of desire that made God smile? Are you even aware that God smiles and became happy whenever you obey Him?

          Google says,“DESIRE is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.” I believe you have so much things you want or you wish to happen in your life, I don’t know what’s your desires in your heart, but I do hope, one of those desires is to obey the law of the Lord. I hope that as I’ve realized how important to have that desire or at least to ask God to have that desire may you also want to have it too. Because truly, as we obey His command, I’m pretty sure everything will follow. Obeying His law doesn’t necessarily means to stop pursuing your own dreams but rather, above all else, understanding that when we obey Him, we let God to make His plans for us happen. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future.

         Though I wrote this one, still I’m not exempt from it that’s why I pray (please join me with this prayer),

“Father God forgive us for sometimes or most often we disobey your law. Thank you for giving us second chances anyway, thank you for your loving grace. Today, we pray, give us the desire to obey your law, to meditate on your word and to be able to apply it on our lives. I know there will always be a time that we’ll fail to obey, but reminds us and do not let us fall anyway. We pray that may our desires to follow You be bigger than to follow our own desires here on earth. As we obey You, we believe that You’re also about to bless us and make us rich not only financially but in every aspect of our lives. We also believe that as we stick onto Your word, You’re also about to honor our obedience and bless us more than we could ever imagine. To You alone, we give back all the glory, honor and praises. In Jesus Name, Amen!”


Desire to Obey. Don’t miss God’s blessings for you my friend! Always remember that real rich obeys the Lord 😉


— Ayen Tu

Photo (c) Psalm 20:4


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