More than the Heroes: Superhero

     Today is a holiday, yes because it’s a national heroes day(Oh well at least herein the Philippines!). For some, this is a time for a rest, as in literally lying on their bed and count for 24 hrs. of sleep. For others, it may also be the time to bond with their family, friends and even with the strangers; and maybe there’s also type of people whom for they, today is just a normal day, it doesn’t matter and they don’t even care if it’s a holiday or not, it’s not a big deal. So what am i really trying to say?

     It’s already in the evening and I just asked myself, why today is a holiday? I mean, what’s the purpose of National heroes day when it seems that those heroes are already dead and whatever celebration we held for them, they will never appreciate it anymore ’cause hello they are already dead, or else they will raise from the dead like a zombie in the movies just tell to us,”thanks for celebrating for us!” (Just kidding!)

     That’s a simple thought and as i think and reflect, I’ve realized that it’s more than a celebration. Yes, those heroes are dead but at least let’s honor them through this holiday for somehow, they’ve become leaders or at least warriors who fought for our countries. That without them, there’s no Philippines today. It may sounds weird but it’s true. Those heroes are the ones who stand and fought for us that’s why we shouldn’t never take it for granted. I do believe that we don’t need to be a hero first before we stand and fight, instead stand, fight and be courageous first and being a hero will just follow. And also one more thing I’ve realized is that being a hero doesn’t always mean fighting for our country, for some, it is simply fighting for our our loved ones, friends and even for our families. When we became a hero in our home, we are already becoming a hero for our country.

     Nevertheless, I want to take this time to give thanks to God for giving me my own heroes, my parents. I thank God that He gave me mama and papa who’s always been there loving me, standing and fighting for me. I thank you Lord that these heroes of mine inspires me to be one of them, a HERO. It’s a big word yet it simply means LOVE. Because it’s love that motivate us to stand and fight, winning the battle of our own lives!

     Lastly, if there’s really one hero i really know, it’s God. He’s even a superhero for he’s really the one who keeps fighting for us, simply because he loves us, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Don’t take a hero’s love for granted, don’t take God’s love for granted. Grab it through accepting him as your Lord and savior, repenting all your sins and surely a better life comes into your way ’cause there’s already a superhero lives into your heart, Jesus. A life full of battles with a superhero who is able to fight and win it.

Photo (c) Romans 5:8


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