The so-called Life

     When time comes that other people don’t understand you, that’s the time you need to understand them. The best time that God give for you to understand them.

     People have different perspective in life, different perception, different beliefs and different personality that we should be aware of. Sometimes, you misunderstood other people the way they act, you get offended the way they talk to you, you get hurt the way they treat you, and sometimes you feel that you failed because of them. Sometimes, you’re judged by other people because of your mistake, some people look at you because of your imperfection, some people criticize you because you sin differently from what they’ve done, some people look at you badly without looking themselves at the mirror. And the worst thing is because of others, you start blaming yourself and begin to create pity for yourself.

     But you know, the good thing.. despite of those negativity, still, there’s someone who still believe in you no matter what. There’s still someone who will hold you tight, the one who will lift you up when you feel so down, the one who will embrace and protect even though you don’t care. Wondering? Is there still someone like that? Yes, Someone who will never leave you nor forsake you. Someone who loves you and will continue to love you unconditionally. He’s just waiting for you, all you need to do is to accept and let Him drive your life. God is just waiting for you my friend.

     Let Him comes into your life and he will give you the best life you’ve never imagined. Still, there’s struggle, problems and trials, but the good thing is that from the time you accept God, then you will probably know how to handle all those stuff wisely, with the peace of mind, words of wisdom and patient heart that only comes from God. Just by a sincere prayer of confession and acceptance, a new beginning and second chances will come. Start again, Live our life to the fullest, Live your life with God.


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