The Picture of CHRISTmas

The picture of Christmas Carol is good, but it is not.
The picture of Simbang Gabi is good, but it is not.
The picture of puto bumbong and bibingka is good, but it is not.
The picture of Christmas Party is good, but it is not.
Thepicture of exchange gift and games is good, but it is not.
The picture of Ninong and Ninang is good, but it is not.
The picture of so-called “pamasko” is good, but it is not.
The picture of gift-giving is good, but it is not.
The picture of Noche Buena is good, but it is not.

I believe that every picture I’ve mention above is good, but it is not. It is not the only pictures of Christmas.

The picture of Christmas is more than a song, more than food, more than goods, and more than the looks (event). The picture of Christmas was, is, and will always be a picture of a baby born in a manger. No filter. No edit. No makeup. No ready-say-cheese signal. No oppa or heart heart pose. Not even having my signature pose. No take two, three or four. It is rather a pure shot that shows the best picture of all.

As we take a lot of pictures this Christmas, may we not missed to take the most important and the best and real picture of this season, the picture that can never be captured by the lens but only by our hearts, the picture of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ❤


Merry CHRISTmas, everyone! 🙂

With Love,

Ayen ❤




     Roses are red, violets are blue. February has come, and Valentine’s day is due.

   It’s FEB-IBIG!!! ❤ Happy Love Month everyone! Hope you had a great heart’s day last Tuesday, February Fourteen Twenty Seventeen. Honestly, I spent my valentine’s day with work. Hashtag Date-with-Work. Hehe. Kidding aside, I actually celebrate it the day or rather the night after, with my Spiritual Mom and sisters in Christ. We had a simple but fun-filled dinner date at a pizza parlor store along Retiro, Manila. Kwentuhan, Kainan, Tawanan plus mentoring time. We even did extend and cross over to the nearest coffee shop to extend our time together. Anyway, more than sharing ‘My Day’ last week, I am more eager to share a phrase that strike me to apply in my life intentionally —- Spread Love. Sometimes, because of over-familiarity with this phrase, it just becomes a cliche or just a simple expression especially when we send greetings of love to others. As I received text and read a post on social media with this phrase, I reflect and asked, does people really spread love  intentionally? Do I really mean spreading love to others? Continue reading


                      “I hope you know.. I hope you know.. that this is nothing to do with you..” I still remember those lines sang by my crush wayback during my HS days. Btw, he’s a gay that’s why he loves to sing that Fergie song. Haha. Well, that’s another story to tell for another time. Since then, after I heard that lines from him, that’s became one of my fave song, and as I repeatedly listen to it, I always loved to hear those last lines saying, “It’s time to be a big girl now, and big girls don’t cry”. Continue reading


PhotoGrid_1445428779658      Loving yourself doesn’t mean putting yourself first before anything else. It doesn’t mean to be selfish but rather allowing yourself to do things that you love without compromising others. It’s not about taking selfie but rather enjoying things beyond yourself. Sometimes, it is simply as singing your fave song, eating your fave food, listening to your fave love song and even drawing some stuff even if you’re not good at it. Sometimes, loving yourself is just picking some crayon that will make your life colorful and more beautiful.


Don’t forget it, Love yourself! =)

Confession of a Prideful One

    Let me start with this. It’s my birthday.

    Oh yes, It was my birthday last year (October 8, 2014) when a friend of mine and I had a conversation that ends up to a quarrel. I wouldn’t elaborate it furthermore, but what I think, personally, the reason why we quarrel is just because of misunderstanding. She has her point and I have mine, we’re like arrow who’s really trying to strike each other with our own words. Sadly, what I hate about it is that we can’t hear each other side, I mean, I don’t hate my friend, I just hate the situation and can’t accept the fact that we didn’t understand what we’re really talking about. It’s actually about schedule (that hectic schedule). So because I can’t take the situation anymore, I walked out (from the school) and go on my way home. Then it take a lot of hours to realize how immature I am. And yes, it takes time to admit that I let pride arouse rather than love. And then a familiar bible verse pop-up in my mind, Continue reading



          Craving for a sweet cotton candy but I end up staring at that heavy cloud. LOL. 😀 Well, this made me realized that there’s a lot of things that we cannot have today and we cannot find yet. So just take time to look up in the sky and remember that there’s Someone up there who’s able to give you more than what you want, greater than what you need, or whatever you’re looking for.. as long as you’re willing to follow Him, you’ll surely get it at His perfect timing.

              It’s just a matter of F-A-I-T-H and      P-A-T-I-EN-T. Having that confidence for the things you hope for and at the same time, practicing your patient while waiting for it. 🙂


               I really want cotton candy! =)


Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him.”

-Genesis 2:18

             God is really wise that when He created man, he knew that it is not good for him to live alone. That’s why he created the woman who is suitable to help him. The same thing as a Christian, it’s not good for us to be alone. That’s why here comes our mentor, leader, discipler and fellow Christian as well who are suitable to help us to grow in our spiritual life.

              We are created as a man and woman to help each other; and as a Christian, we are created to help our fellow Christian and also to be help by them. We are created according to God’s will. Let’s not forget to do it. Help one another and love them as well.